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Individual PDF Sheet Music. For each song purchased you get 3 different versions to download: the sheet music with tablature + the sheet music without tab + the tablature condensed on 2 pages (except short pieces)

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Jazz in la France

A piece composed during a big strike as we have from time to time in France. The country was completely blocked, which inspired me this jazzy melody.

USD 6.00
La Chispa


La Chispa means here the spark that can suddently change your life. In my case the spark was a woman...

USD 6.00
Le Chant de l'Etel

A song dedicated to my daughter and inspired by the beautiful landscape of the ria of Etel, Brittany coast near Lorient.

USD 6.00
Le Chant du Spleen


This is not the swan song but the spleen song. A wordplay that works only in french...

USD 5.00


A tribute to all the Iraki children.

USD 6.00
Leïla's Tears


After Leïla, one more song dedicated to Bagdad child.

USD 6.00
Les Yeux de Gabrielle


A song dedicated to my distant American cousin and her family from St Louis.

USD 6.00

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