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Individual PDF Sheet Music. For each song purchased you get 3 different versions to download: the sheet music with tablature + the sheet music without tab + the tablature condensed on 2 pages (except short pieces)

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Tomcat Blues


I had a black cat in the past. He was just an adorable big lazzy. He lived approx 10 years. 7 sleeping, 2 eating, 1 playing. For my next life, I want to be that tomcat.

USD 6.00
Tramping the Streets


An invigorating and swingy song. The first notes of this melody arrived when I was in Paris, walking along the crowdy streets and feeling the pleasure to be there, in this wonderful city.

USD 6.00


One of my very first compositions. Not that easy to play as far as I can remember. No recording yet.

USD 5.00

La Chispa - Fingerstyle Guitar by Frédéric Mesnier


USD 5.00
Wake Up


To wake up your fingers! Took me some time before I was able to record it but it is playable !

USD 6.00
Waltz Again


A waltz in E minor.  May be some influence coming from Sir Antonio Lauro.

USD 6.00
Waltzing Overnight


A waltz in A minor.  To dance and dance again. To play "con brio"

USD 6.00

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