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Individual PDF Sheet Music. For each song purchased you get 3 different versions to download: the sheet music with tablature + the sheet music without tab + the tablature condensed on 2 pages (except short pieces)

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Swing for Charlie


My tribute to the fantastic guitarist who was Charlie Byrd. I composed this tune long time ago but it took years before I could not record it ! Some chord progressions not that easy.

USD 6.00
Swingy Ballad


A jazzy and swingy fingertsyle guitar piece. One of my very first YouTube videos.


USD 6.00
Tango de los Muertos


This the story of two lovers, died untimely. They meet once a year somewhere in the darkness and dance. Two minutes to be closed again together. Two minutes of burning passion before nothingness is back. Short but intense moment.

USD 6.00
That's Nothing to Weep Over


I thought about  Marcel Dadi when I started to write this picking. It starts like a famous Marcel's song: My Old Friend Pat, which I played when I was young. Not that difficult and quite fun to play.

USD 6.00
The forgotten Waltz


A classical piece both in the structure and tone. Primarily I wanted to write a simple piece, easy to play, but I missed the point, shipped by my enthusiasm.

USD 6.00
The Print of Time

The time is an illusion, but not its marks. One more song dedicated to the passing time.

USD 6.00
The Wedding Waltz


A waltz dedicated to just married people. Took me some time to play smooth and get it well under my fingers.

USD 6.00

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