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Bleu Céleste
  The first one of the Blue Lullaby series. Slow tempo, no barchord. For beginners 1st / 2nd..
USD 3.00
Blue Finger
The famous piece written by Jerry Reed and popularized in France by Marcel Dadi. ..
USD 2.00
Blue Song
  One of the rare pieces that I composed and played on a steel string guitar. ..
USD 6.00
Blue Waltz
  A waltz in D minor. Composed in a couple of hours and recorded the day after.  No..
USD 6.00
Blues in Limousin
Blues in Périgord, Blues in Limousin... my plan is to celebrate all the french regions. L..
USD 6.00
Blues in Perigord
  A blues dedicated to people living in the Black Perigord. A beautiful place I would lo..
USD 6.00 USD 6.00
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Blues in Picardie
One more blues to celebrate a french region where I lived 10 years and had a good time with my famil..
USD 6.00

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