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Jerry's Breakdown

My version of the Jerry's standard. I made some changes here and there. Lots a notes in this piece which is not as challenging as it looks. 

USD 1.00
Lady Madonna (The Beatles )


The picking version of the Beatles famous song. Arranged for guitar by Marcel Dadi.

USD 2.00


My arrangement of the famous song from Billy Joel

USD 4.00
Michelle (The Beatles)


A very personnal  version of Michelle, the famous Beatles song. There are so many classical versions of this song that I wanted to contribute in a different manner.

USD 4.00
Mister Lucky

My arrangement of this famous song by the unforgettable Jerry Reed. Not that easy to play...

USD 4.00
Nuages (D. Reinhardt)


A personnal version of the very famous jazz music standard composed by the not less famous by Django Reinhardt.

USD 2.00
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Oh Dadi Blue

One of Marcel Dadi's famous blues in picking version. I don't play it exactly as he did. Anyway, everytime I play it a bit different!

USD 2.00

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