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Beluga Beach - Album MP3

Beluga Beach was my favorite beach when I was a teen. For those who know a little bit France, it's on the west coast, south Vendée.

USD 8.00
Beyond the Words - Album MP3

When words are helpless to convey emotions, music takes over effectively.

USD 8.00
Happy Days - Album MP3

Happy days of my youth in Vendée, my native land.

USD 8.00
La Chispa - Album MP3

La Chispa means here the spark that can suddently change your life. In my case the spark was a woman...

USD 8.00
Over the Clouds - Album MP3

I was daydreaming in an aircraft, looking at nice clouds by the window, when a melody came to my mind.  I called it logically "Over the Clouds". Aerial music...

USD 8.00
Song for Paris - Album MP3

An album dedicated to the most beautiful city in the world. And I'm not spread-eagle of course...

USD 8.00
Sweet Dreams - Album MP3

My nights are often full of dreams. I tried to catch one of them with my guitar. Here is the result.

USD 8.00

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